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The Council Connect Dog Warden for the North Somerset area can offer advice and take action to deal with lost and stray dogs, animal fouling and barking dogs. However, dog owners are responsible for the health, welfare and behaviour of their pets and should be aware of the legislation surrounding dog ownership. Dogs must be kept under control at all times. This may mean having your dog on a lead especially near roads and other people.

The dog warden doesn’t deal with acts of animal cruelty but if you think any animal is being mistreated please call the RSPCA Cruelty Line on 08705 555 999 or visit the RSPCA website.

For further information on all other dog-related issues please contact Bob Davis.


The dog warden is responsible for collecting lost and stray dogs across North Somerset. This often happens in response to calls from owners who have lost their pets or reports from members of the public who have spotted animals roaming off the lead. Once caught, they are provided with a kennel and have a veterinary inspection.

The warden will do everything he can to reunite dog and owner and will return a dog free of charge if its owner can be contacted within 30 minutes of their pet being found. If an owner cannot be contacted, the dog will be transported to a safe place for up to seven days. For the dog’s return you will be charged a minimum of £56 plus £9 per day for its time in kennels.

After seven days if a dog has not been claimed it is signed over for re-homing as long as it is suitable.

During normal office hours, report a stray dog to the Council Connect Dog Warden by calling North Somerset Council (01275 888802). For non-urgent enquiries please use the email at the top of this page.

Animal Fouling

There are seven dog waste bins within the Parish for you to dispose of your dog’s waste. The bins are emptied weekly and are located at the following sites:

  • Ladymead Lane, near the footpath to Broadoak Road
  • Behind the Stag and Hounds Public House
  • A38 between the traffic lights and Dolberrow.
  • Front Street, near the footpath alongside Cottage Homes
  • Broadoak Road where it meets Pudding Pie Lane
  • Bristol Road
  • A38 above Laurel Place Farm

If you fail to clean up after your dog has fouled you face prosecution and a possible £1000 fine. This rule applies across North Somerset except in woodland, on rural common and agricultural land and on roads where the speed limit exceeds 40mph.

If you do witness dog fouling on a regular basis you can report it to the dog warden who will take appropriate action.

Barking Dogs

The dog warden can take action against excessive barking from pets. This can be done as long as the noise can be proved to be a statutory nuisance under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

In the majority of cases every effort is made to resolve the problem amicably. Often the problem occurs when the dog’s owner is out of the house and so the owner has no idea about the problem until someone complains.

If you do need to leave your dog alone for long periods here are some simple things to try which can help stop them barking:

  • Feed and exercise them before you go out
  • Leave a radio on at low volume
  • Make sure their bed or basket is comfortable
  • Leave their favourite toys out.

If nothing seems to be working then try talking to your vet who can refer you and your dog to an animal behaviourist.