We’re delighted to introduce resident, David Mitchell whose journey with his wife Heather, to Churchill has brought further artistic talent into our midst. Hearing a hint of this, we investigated further only to discover a particularly poignant story.

Art by David Mitchell Moving to our parish after fifty years in North Essex, David and his wife’s desire to be closer to their son, daughter and grandchildren has not only enriched his family life but as David says, “We are gradually making new friends by joining local groups such as ‘Painting for pleasure’ and ‘Sing for Fun’”. David has found a new passion, drawing portraits.

Formerly a designer, David started with capturing the personalities of Heather and all of his grandchildren in his drawings. Talking about this of two grandsons [below] he told us, “Our youngest grandson [right]determinedly grew his hair for three years for a sponsored cut that raised £1,056 for the charity, The Little Princess Trust. This allowed two wigs to be made for children suffering from cancer. He now looks quite different from the drawing but happy to lose all that hair for such a good cause.” What an amazing young lad. It is stories like these that remind us of the profound impact we can have on the lives of others, and the beautiful ways in which art and altruism can interact. Furthermore, they highlight the importance of creativity in our community.

We look forward to sharing more stories of talented individuals among us in the coming months. Perhaps you know of someone with a special creative, artistic talent and would be happy to share it with us. We would love to hear about it.

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