Our Services

Our Commitment to Churchill and Langford

Here at Churchill Parish Council, we take pride in nurturing and enhancing the spaces that bring our community together. From the joy of play areas to the solemnity of memorials, our responsibilities cover the heart and soul of our villages. Here’s a glimpse of what we do:

Recreation and Play: We take care of all recreation fields, including two play areas: one for our younger children and another for the skateboard enthusiasts. Our touch also extends to beautifying these spaces with flower bulbs and beds.

Public Amenities: From the upkeep of bus shelters to the winding of the clock tower and maintaining the iconic oak tree enclosure, we ensure these community landmarks stand proud.

Heritage and Remembrance: The solemn duties of caring for the Burial Ground, including setting annual fees for interments and memorials, and preserving the War Memorial, are ones we hold dear.

Community Features: We look after the unique Hands Sculpture at the crossroads, ensuring our phone book box remains a quirky local feature, and keep our noticeboards Linked up-to-date with the latest community news.

Green Spaces: The popular allotment fields, a for our village’s green fingers, are under our wing. While there’s a waiting list, we’re committed to making these spaces worth the wait. Join the list by emailing clerk@churchillpc.org.uk.

Club Life: The heart of our community’s social and sporting life, the Churchill Community Clubhouse and the Cricket Club building, receive our care and attention, ensuring they remain welcoming hubs for all.

We do this with the care and support of Our Parish Orderly Michele Miles.

She is employed by the Parish Council on a part-time basis. North Somerset Council gives a small grant towards her salary and the Parish Council pays the remainder. Michele empties bins in lay-bys on Stock Lane and Dinghurst Road and in the Burial Ground. She keeps our footpaths clear (particularly behind the Stag and Hounds). She removes fly posting and she cleans and disinfects bus shelters.

She clears litter on a four-weekly cycle. At times when there is more litter, she clears it more often.

We’re here to make Churchill and Langford not just places you live, but places you love. Have a suggestion or want to get involved? Reach out to us through the contact page. Together, we can make our community even brighter.