On Monday 8 April, there will be operational changes to the WESTlink service, read more here: Changes coming to WESTlink from April

The changes include:

Smaller WESTlink zones to reduce long trips and increase availability for more users. The North Somerset zones are attached, or you can view all of the new zone maps here: Bus service changes April 2024 – travelWEST
Removing WESTlink from areas well-served by regular bus services.
Adding in places requested by residents such as Hutton Moor Leisure Centre and Audley Redwood Retirement Village.
Implementing an app feature where if a suitable bus service can be used to complete the user’s requested journey, they won’t be offered a WESTlink (they’ll be shown where and when to catch the bus instead).
Allowing people with already-purchased AvonRider multi-operator bus tickets to use them on WESTlink.