Andrea Levett’s journey to Langford three years ago marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter in her life. Originally from Hampshire, Andrea has lived in various places but has now chosen to lay down roots in the serene settings of Somerset—a decision fuelled by her longstanding affection for the region’s holidays.

Living in Langford has brought Andrea closer to her two grown-up children in Bristol, providing a cherished opportunity to strengthen family ties. Additionally, the move has allowed her to cultivate meaningful friendships within the community, including those with her valued neighbours. Working from home, Andrea enjoys the luxury of skipping the daily commute, giving her more time to immerse herself in local life.

A fervent animal lover, Andrea has connected with local dog rescues to foster dogs awaiting their forever homes. The joy of receiving updates and photos of these dogs flourishing in their new environments brings her immense satisfaction and highlights her compassionate spirit.

However, it’s not just her contributions to animal welfare that make Andrea a valued member of the community. She has also discovered a passion for pottery, a hobby she has pursued with enthusiasm. Andrea was fortunate to secure a spot in the pottery courses offered by Clayability at the Walled Garden in Wrington. These sessions provide a creative outlet and a chance to engage with the tactile pleasure of moulding clay. Each week, Andrea looks forward to spending a few hours transforming simple mud into beautiful, finished pottery pieces.

Andrea’s story is a testament to the joys of embracing new beginnings and community connections. Whether it’s through her support of animal welfare, her creative pursuits in pottery, or her close proximity to family, Andrea Levett exemplifies how moving to a new place can open up a world of opportunities and personal growth. Her experiences in Langford reflect the beauty of forming new roots and the continuous journey of discovery and fulfilment.