Mutual Aid-Minibus Society

Minibus timetable. Please click on the links below to plan your journey.

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What Is The Minibus Society?

During the pandemic, the Parish council/Minibus society and Village Fund established the Mutual Aid Organisation to provide help for those in need around the villages. This was undertaken by volunteers from the Minibus Society, and further volunteers using their own transport.

This continues and is currently providing a number of things:

Minibus trips
Most days there are trips from the villages to various destinations. At the end of this page is the phone number of the organiser of each trip if you wish to go.

Hospital Scheme
The Churchill and Langford Minibus Society now also run a Hospital Transport Scheme to assist people in getting to their hospital appointments.

This scheme aims to connect volunteer drivers from the Churchill and Langford community with patients to provide convenient transport to the region’s medical centres.

For more information, download the CLMS hospital scheme information (pdf) or call either Kate or Trevor on:

01934 853 081 (Kate)
01934 852 589 (Trevor)

Other Services

Medication deliveries
If you have a problem accessing Pudding Pie Surgery for your medication then it may be possible to sort this for you.

Vaccination transport
We have been helping with trips to the surgery at Pudding Pie Lane for vaccinations

If you want to help with volunteering for any of the above or need any help yourself then please ring Trevor on 01934 852589

Contact Information
Your contact for the Minibus Society is Trevor Smallwood (Chairman)

The society is grateful for the support of Churchill and Langford and its residents.